In light of their new games rollout campaign, Microgaming has recently released a new series of online slots games. As the internet’s leading gambling software provider, Microgaming now offers over 300 online casino games.

This new and exciting batch of online slots games includes UK style video poker, video slots, and fruit machine. The video Poker is a fifty-hand Double Double Power Poker Machine, which will allow poker enthusiasts to play fifty hands at once while doubling their money options. The Video Slots is called “Jellyfish Jaunt”, with an underwater theme and several stake denominations. The game boasts a major jackpot minimum of $45,000, with a 3x free spin bonus. The last installment is the fruit machine, known as “Game On”, which offers elements of skill via holds, nudges, and repeats, with a 4000x bonus feature.

With wagering options to suit any bankroll, and jackpots of up to $135,000, this incredible new slot machine game is bound to be the hottest addition to internet gambling today. As from the other side in RGT, go to this link to learn more