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Online Sports Gambling

If you can bet on games in which you always win 60% of the time and lose only 40% of the time, you are going to make a lot of money!!! This is the beauty of sports betting.

Unfortunately, hitting 60% winners is much easier said than done. So again, why sports betting if 60% is such a difficult winning percentage to attain. Well, if the coin landed on heads 58% of the time wouldn’t you still love it? Also, 56% of the time and even 54%.

Sports betting requires you to pick winners more than 52.38% of the time (its not 50% because you have to cover the 10% juice) in order to come out on top.

Forget about the ridiculous claims by handicapping services of winning percentages greater than 70 or 80%. Any worthwhile mathematician will tell you such percentages are virtually statistically impossible to achieve.

But for sports handicappers who know their stuff and search for pointspread value, 56-60% is very achievable over the course of a season. And this is what the successful handicapper does.

Through knowledge of the sport, gathering information, and the acquisition of pointspread value, he seeks to bet repeatedly only on games that give him a 53% or greater chance to win. In other words, he looks for coins that land heads 53% of the time or better and the more 56%, 58%, and 60% coins he can find, the better!

The coin in our example had a positive expected return. In traditional casino games such as craps, roulette, and slots a positive expected value doesn’t exist (all games have a negative expected return). The percentages are always in favor of the house to ensure that the house always wins. In sports betting, there are many strategies and rules that you can follow to actually eliminate games that have a negative expected return!

By eliminating games with a negative expected value and only betting on games with a positive expected value, a sports bettor can be incredibly successful!


The technique of card counting does allow a player to take notice of changing probabilities, and alter the betting and playing strategies. This gives you a basic edge over the casinos, if it is implemented properly on a one deck game. You don’t need to be a genius or have a good memory in order to count card. Listed below, is a rough idea of how a card counting system works. It is not recommended that you apply the information below to your blackjack game.

This is intended to give you a basic feel for the card counting system.

For single deck games:

Start the count at -4 when the deck is shuffled.

Count -2 for 10, J, Q, K

Count +1 for everything else (including aces)

Bet low when the count is negative, high when the count is positive.

Take insurance when the count is positive.

Play basic strategy at all times during this process.



A good beginner strategy is to start with a minimum pass line bet, backed by single odds.


If the bets win, place a new pass line bet with double odds. Keep the amount of your original pass line bet (flat bet) the same, but increase the odds bet.

If those bets win, go for triple odds.

Don’t increase your minimum flat bet on the pass line until you are winning. Then only increase it by 50% of your previous wager. If you lose, go back to the minimum flat bet.

When you are comfortable playing the pass line, you can add a minimum come bet with single odds. If you win, double and then triple your come odds.

Don’t increase your minimum come bet (flat bet) until you are winning. Then only increase it by 50% of your previous wager. If you lose, go back to the minimum bet.When you have gained experience by placing pass line and come bets, you can try don’t pass line and don’t come bets with odds.

Use the same betting strategy: wager the minimum bet with steadily increasing odds. After a win, you can increase your next flat bet by 50%. After a loss, you can wager a minimum flat bet.

You “take” odds on a pass line or come bet, but “lay” odds on a don’t pass line or don’t come bet. Laying odds on don’t bets means that you have to wager more to win less since don’t betters have an advantage once the point has been established.

Although the house advantage is relatively low on this bet, you should really only consider it when you are winning your pass line (or don’t pass line) and come (or don’t come) bets with odds, and the number 6 or 8 is not already covered by your bets.